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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Task View And Virtual Desktops In Windows 10

One of Windows 10ís nicest abilities, is the ability to launch separate virtual desktops. This is not a VM Software feature(Virtual Machine). You can't run another OS on top of Windows 10. This feature allows the user to have multi desktops to switch through with different applications or features running on each one. This feature extends the users workspace with a taskbar and icons of operating programs on each desktop sandboxed from each other.
There are two ways to use this mode in Windows 10. Either click on the Task View icon on the task bar (shown below and highlighted in blue), or press the Win-Tab keys simultaneously. Either option will open the Task Viewer. (See Below)

Windows 10 Task Viewer.

Once the Task Viewer is open, you have several options to choose. In the image below, I have 2 desktops open and all of the applications currently running on the selected desktop are displayed in a grid in the middle of the screen. Each window is labeled at the top and can be clicked on to switch to that specific application. You can use the Task Viewer to duplicate the function of Alt-Tab if youíre so inclined, though Alt-Tab will be slightly faster if you only have a few windows open and know exactly which application you need, or if youíre switching between two applications. The New Desktop button at the bottom right (highlighted in red) creates a new desktop without any applications open.

Windows 10 Desktop Selections.

To select different desktops just click one of the desktop windows shown just above the task bar. To Delete a Virtual Desktop just hover your mouse over the desired desktop and click the X in the upper right corner. (see below image)

Delete Winodws Virtual Desktop.

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