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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Solve Problems with Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

This tip is more for the Computer Guru/Tech to help users solve problems with Windows 7. When a user has a problem this feature will save you time troubeshooting.

First click Start, then type PSR and press Enter.
The Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder will start as shown below.

Window 7 PSR 1

Then press Record;

the user would then go about running the application/windows feature with the problem.

Windows 7 PSR 2

As the user works through the steps that cause the problem the recorder records the users clicks, keypresses and does screen grabs.

After completing the process that causes the problem the user then clicks stop to complete the process. The recording will package everything into a zipped MHTML file and prompt the user to save it.

Windows 7 PSR 3

Windows 7 PSR 4

The user can email you the file or save it on portable media for you. You can then browse through the file with your web browser to see how the user runs into the problem and resolve it.

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