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Set Your Computer Clock To Sync With A NTP Time Server In Windows XP Through Windows 8

There may be a need for you to set your computers clock or entire network to sync time from a reliable source. So to do just that do the following:

Click the computer time in the bottom right of the task bar.

The Time and Date Settings Window opens.

Change Date And Time Settings

Click Change Date and Time Settings.
The Date and Time Window Opens.

Date And Time Window

Next Click the Change time zone button.
If the time zone is not correct for your local time then click the time zone button.
From the scroll list that opens select your proper time zone.
If your local time zone supports Daylight Savings time then tick Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Savings Time
Click Ok when finished to close window.

Set Time Zone

Now click the Internet Time Tab at the top of the window.
Then click the Change Settings button.

Internet Time Tab

The Internet Time Settings Window opens.
Next tick the Synchronize with an Internet time Server Option
Now open your web browser to and search for a time server that is close to you.
Then enter that servers Hostname or IP address in the server box as shown below that you want to sync with.
In our case we will use (Our Time Server) and also the closest server to us.
You can also click the update now button if you want to check the server first to see if its working ok.

Setting Time Server Window

Then click ok and ok again to close both windows. Your computer will now keep time with the NTP server you chose.

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