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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Replacing Windows 8 Start Menu

If the Windows 8's search and navigation tools still leave you yearning for the regular Start menu, installing ViStart will replace it with something very similar.

Download the program and install it, carefully; it's free, but the Setup program will install the trial of a commercial Registry Cleaner unless you explicitly tell it otherwise.
But once that's out of the way, your old Start button will return in its regular place, and clicking it (or pressing the Windows key) will bring back the usual Start Menu complete with search box and all the usual menus.
The program has some flaws - on install and launch it gave an e-mail icon for Outlook Express, for instance - but otherwise works well.
There's also Start8 from Windows customisation veterans Stardock. It provides similar functionality to ViStart but with a more up-to-date Start Menu look.

Windows 8 Start Screen

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