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Remove Internet Explorer Information Bar

How To Remove The Internet Explorer Information Bar
Internet Explorer Service Pack 2 comes with an "Information Bar", which shows up when a pop-up attempts to load, when there is "active content" in the page, or when files attempt to download. This was supposed to be a beneficial new feature for Windows, but it actually became more annoying than helpful. It gives warnings on user-initiated downloads, it blocks pop-ups that you want to see and use, such as a message in the web-based email that loads in a new window, and it blocks active content (both on the web and on CDs and the hard drive, even if you would like to see these pages). The Information Bar blocks these things from showing and the user must right-click the bar and tell it to allow for this page (for each page). I've found a way to remove the Information Bar in Internet Explorer, however, it can somehow reappear, maybe when new Windows Updates apply (so beware of this), which means you will have to re-do these steps again.

Open up the Internet Explorer browser and click on the following options, tabs, or buttons:

In Internet Explorer:

Tools - Internet Options
Security tab for "Internet"
Custom Level... button
ActiveX Controls and plug-ins
Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls - Enable
Automatic prompting for file downloads - Enable


Tools - Internet Options
Advanced tab
(check) Allow active content from CDs to run on My Computer
(check) Allow active content to run in files on My Computer

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