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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Read And write email from a telnet session

How to Send Email Using Telnet:

1. Type telnet 25 (where "" is the name of the smtp (outgoing) server of the email server, such as (
2. Type HELO
3. Type MAIL Where is your email account or the one you wish to use. You may get a message saying "250 ok"
4. Type RCPT,,, etc. again, You may get a message saying "250 ok"
5. To write the message, type DATA and press Enter.
6. On the first line type
7. Next line type TO:(same Receipent info as line 4.)
8. type SUBJECT:your subject and press Enter twice.
Continue typing your message body. When you are done, put a single period (.) on a line by itself and press Enter to send your message. The server should say "Message accepted for delivery".
9. Type QUIT to exit server and Telnet.

How to read Email using Telnet:

1. Type telnet 110 (where "" is the name of the server you wish to read email on).
2. When connected, type USER yourusername (you may see what you type or not, and "yourusername" should be changed to whatever the email user for the current server is). Note some usernames are your full email address.
3. Then type in PASS yourpassword (if you can see what you type, you will see your password).
4. Type LIST. You will see a list of items with labels like "1 607" and "2 1323403."
5. If you want to look at the message labeled "2 1323403", type RETR 2. You can replace the 2 with any other number to view other messages.
6. If you want to delete message "1 607", type DELE 1.
7. When you are done checking your email, type QUIT. You will now exit the server and telnet.

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