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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Quickly Open Or Create A Shortcut To Network Connections List In Windows

One of the problems with Windows 7 or Vista is that you can’t immediately open the Network Connections list to see the list of adapters like you could in XP. In Windows XP, you could right-click any network connection and select “Open Network Connections”, but in Windows Vista, or 7 the only option you have is to open the Network and Sharing Center via the same right-click menu.

Shortcut To Windows Network Adaptor List

To immediately open the connection list, you can just type 'ncpa.cpl' into the Start menu search box:

Shortcut To Windows network Adaptor List 2

You will notice just like in XP up pops the network connection list as it used to:

Shortcut To Windows Network Adaptor List 3

You can also create a shortcut somewhere to the full file path if you want even faster access.

Shortcut To Windows Network Adaptor List 4

Just use %SystemRoot%\system32\ncpa.cpl as the location of the shortcut.
Give the Icon a suitable name and your done!

Shortcut To Windows Network Adaptor List 5

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