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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Prevent Windows Update From Adding Updates To The Sleep Or Shutdown Button

Many have been more than irritated with Windows 7 or Vista’s habit of changing the Sleep/Shutdown button into an 'Install Updates and Shut Down' button whenever there are updates from Windows Update.

This registry hack wil fix the problem.

Windows Update Install Dialog on Shutdown Button

If you want to manually create this hack, you can open up regedit using the start menu search box and then browse down to the following key, creating the key if it doesn’t exist.

Windows Hack Prevent Update On Shutdown Button

Add a 32-bit DWORD value in the right pane called NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption with a value of 1. No reboot should be necessary for it to take effect.
Now the Sleep/Shutdown button should be back to the way it was, but if you wanted to use the Install Updates and Shut Down option, it’s still available via the shutdown menu:

Windows Hack Prevent Update On Shutdown Button 2

If you dont want to mess with the registry then download the Registry Hack:
You can download it right here!
Unzip the file and double-click on the StopUpdatingMyShutdownButton.reg file to activate the registry hack. You shouldn’t have to restart anything, as the changes will take effect immediately. There’s also a registry file to uninstall the hack.

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