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Not Enough server storge is available to process ths command FIX

This fix applies to Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows 2000 Server/Windows XP and Window Server 2003.
Reason for error:"Not enough server storage is available to process this command."

This can be caused by the server service running out of process memory, by a process on your system consuming memory handles and not releasing them properly (*cough*antivirus*cough), or even too many values in a particular registry key on the system:


You can try a few things on your workstations/servers to see which (if any) of the following makes any difference:

1. You can modify the IRPStackSize parameter in the registry to increase the memory size made available to new applications.
Edit the below key:

Edit the subkey:
Data: 15 (can set as high as 50)

If the paramater is not there create it for a value different than the default. The default in NT and 2000 is 11, and in XP and 2003 the default is 15. The allowed values are 11 - 50 for this entry. A higher number will result in more memory size available for new applications, but can cause issues on systems running large numbers of applications.

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