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Norton Unerase wizard and Norton Recycle Bin Removal steps

For Norton Protection removal, follow the below steps.

This applies to the 2004-2008 versions of Norton Software.
These steps will remove Unerase wizard or Norton Protection from the Recycle Bin.

Right click Recycle bin then select properties.
Remove norton protection from all drives and empty norton protected files.

Click the Start Icon, type Regedit and press enter.
In the registry editor , to remove UnErase Wizard delete the key "UnEraseWizard" under:


To remove Empty Norton Protected Files (from right click menu) delete the key:
"(52636240-ECF7-11cd-99BE-0020AF346D41}" under:

To remove the two tabs labeled Recycle Bin and Norton Protection (under right click property selection) delete the key:

"{263913E0-07B9-106A-8674-00AA000D6F0D}" under:

Your Norton Protection has now been removed.

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