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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Manage All Your File Types Easier With Libraries In Windows 7 And 8

In older versions of Windows it was a tedious task managing music, photos, documents and other files that are scattered in different directories on your hard drive. In this article we take a look at the new Libraries feature in Windows 7 and 8 that allows you to organize folders from multiple locations in one area.

To access your Libraries click on Start then your user name to open up your personal folder.

Start Menu Personal Folder Selected

Next in the left pane click on 'Libraries' to view the four default Libraries which are Music, Pictures, Videos, and Documents.

Windows 7 Libraries Folder

If your version of windows has the 'Library' Icon in the tasksbar you can click that to get the same result.
Libraries show files that are stored in different locations on your computer as in this example of a Picture Library.

Windows 7 Picture Library Folder

You are not limited to just the four default Libraries. You can create one of your own. When you click on Libraries in the left pane click on the New Libraries button located in the tool bar at the top.

Windows 7 Create Library Folder

A new Library comes up just like a new folder where you can label it.

Windows 7 New Library Folder

When you go into your new Library you will be prompted to add new folders and files to it.

Windows 7 Empty Library Folder

If you want to add new folder locations to any of the Libraries just click on the hyperlink that shows the current number of locations.

Windows 7 Adding Library Folder Locations

You can then click the Add button to include other locations from your computer or network.

Windows 7 Adding Folder TO Existing Library

If you right-click on the Library icon and select 'Properties' you can include a folder from there.

Windows 7 Adding Folder TO Existing Library From Properties Window

Also, if you want while navigating through explorer you can right-click a folder and include it in a library.

Windows 7 Adding Folder To Existing Library From Explorer

This might seem like a small change to the Windows GUI but itís effective and makes navigating files and folders much easier. Libraries will allow you to share your folders and files with your Homegroup/Workgroup network easier as well.

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