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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Manage All Your Devices With Device Stage In Windows 7 And 8

Remember Vista was an annoying chore getting it to recognize external devices like printers, phones, and digital cameras? Well now in Windows 7 Or 8 there is a feature called Device Stage that allows you to easily see and manage all of your external devices from one location.

To check out the digital devices you have connected to your PC go to Start and Devices and Printers.

Start Menu Devices And Printers

This opens a nicely laid out visual display of all of the devices connected to your computer.

Windows 7 Device Stage

When you first start it notice that you can click on the message about getting device information from the Internet. This will keep devices updated with the most recent information and drivers.

Windows 7 Device Stage Get Information

The best part is that when you first plug in a device Windows 7 will install the drivers almost instantly.

Windows 7 Device Drivers Installed

After plugging in the device you can see it in the Taskbar where you can hover over it to get a sharp looking image of it and some limited information. For instance I plugged in one of our Windows 8 Phones and can browse, add and delete files change its name and a few other settings.

Windows 7 Device Stage Windows Phone Icon        Windows 7 Device Stage Windows Phone Change Settings

When you click on the device you will presented with an easy to navigate control panel of sorts that allows you to manage the settings and features of the device.

Windows Phone 8 Control Panel

It is up to the hardware manufacturer to determine if their device will be compatible with Device Stage. The way to determine this is to simply plug in the device and see if Device Stage opens up. All of the new devices we plugged in were recognized, some with more features to manage them than others, again this is up to the manufacturers and the firmware installed. This feature is a great way to get your devices working without having to deal with installing device drivers.

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