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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Install Missing Apps In Windows 7 And 8 With Windows Live Essentials

So after setting up your new Windows 7 or 8 you notice some of your old favorite apps are missing? This article will take a look at the Windows Live Essentials installer for getting your favorite Microsoft applications set up. With the Windows 7 and 8 release Microsoft left out several previously bundled applications like Mail, Messenger, and Photo Gallery. These apps are now branded as their Live Essentials suite and are available as a separate download from Microsoft. This allows Microsoft to update and improve on these features without causing a disturbance to the core OS.

Installing Live Essentials:
To start getting those MS apps you back on your computer go to Start,
Then 'Getting Started',
The Getting Started Window opens.
Note: (Your Version of Winodws 7 or 8 appearance may be different but same functionallity)

Get Windows Live Essentials 1

Next Click 'Go online to get Windows Live Essentials'.

Get Windows Live Essentials 2

Below is the Windows Live Essentials site Page as of November 2013. They may change the site appearance from time to time. In this example we are using the full installer so click on the Green Download Now Button. If you wish to download the apps seperately just click on one of the 4 'Learn More' links on the page for each item you wish to download. You will be provided with seperate download links.

Get Windows Live Essentials 3

Save the Windows Live Setup executable to the desktop or a location you prefer.

Get Windows Live Essentials 4

Now Launch The Setup File.

Get Windows Live Essentials 5

The application installer will now begin to load.

Get Windows Live Essentials 6

Next if you downloaded the full installer you will be presented with the following screen. In our case we opted at this time to go with 'Choose the programs you want to install'. Clicking the other option will install all applications.

Get Windows Live Essentials 7

Below we chose to go with 'Writer and 'Photo Gallery and Movie Maker' by ticking their check boxes
Then clicking install.

Get Windows Live Essentials 8

You will now see the installer progress bar as your applications are installed.

Get Windows Live Essentails 9

After installation is complete you will now see your applications listed in your programs directory ready to use.

Get Windows Live Essentials 10

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