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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Install A Desktop Shortcut for Safely Removing Flash Drives

If you use usb flash drives alot like we do this program will come in handy a command line program we scripted to run quick ejecting of flash drives from a desktop shortcut. All you have to do Is enter the drive letter to eject and its done, If you have the Safely Remove Hardware Icon on yuou taskbar you will get the same notification when the program has ejected your drive. This software is quite powerful if not protected, you could unmount not only flash drives but your cd/dvdrom drives or even your OS System hard drive (You don't want to do that!). But don't worry As a protection the way we scripted and setup the installer and the program it will only let you eject non-system and non-cd/dvd/bluray drives.

For some of the older versions of windows with USB support you could make a shortcut yourself and added the command 'RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll in the shortcut program box.The problem with that shortcut is that it had problems ejecting drives on Windows 7 or 8. It reported the drive was a type it could not eject.

This program we are providing will work on Windows XP and Newer OS's with no problems, including 64bit systems.
Here is the programs Shortcut after install.

Eject USB Drive Program

After clicking the shortcut icon you will be presented with this window.

Eject USB Drive Program 2

Below we were using a flash drive on H: so we just entered Drive h: and pressed enter. The drive is instantly removed.

Eject USb Drive Program 3

The drive cache is properly flushed and the drive is then unmounted ready to be ejected.
The program is a snap to install, just launch, follow the simple installer and your done.
You can download the program here.

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