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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Icon Or Several Icons Change To Windows Default Icon, Heres The Fix That Works

Have you ever been working on an application or in a folder on the desktop and you happen to notice The Icon or several Icon's have set to the Windows default ugly icon? Well there is quick and easy fix for this.

First log out of Windows and reboot your system.
While your system is booting press the 'F8' key quicky until you get the Windows boot menu.
Then Select 'Safe Mode' or 'Safe mode with Networking'.
Let your system fully boot in to Save mode.
You will notice the icons you were having a problem with will be ok now in Safe mode.
The Windows Desktop Structure has been restored as it was before the problem with the Safe Mode Resolution.
Now just reboot your machine back to normal and you should be good to go.
Note: (This fix works when reinstalling the App or changing its icon does not work to restore it.)

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