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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Fix Windows 8 Performance Problems

If your Windows 8 system seems sluggish, the revamped Task Manager may be able to offer some clues.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to take a look.
Click 'More Details'.
The simplified Processes tab then reveals what's currently using your CPU time, RAM, hard drive and network bandwidth. (The more in-depth data available in previous Task Manager versions is now accessible via the Details tab.) The Performance tab gives you a graphical view of resource use over the last few seconds, while the App History dialog looks back over days or more to reveal which app is the most resource-hungry. And is your boot time slow?
Click the new Startup tab to see programs your system is launching when Windows boots. The 'Startup impact' now shows how much of an effect each of these has on your boot time; if you spot high impact programs you're sure you don't need, then
right-clicking them and
selecting 'Disable' will ensure they're not loaded next time. Powerful though all this is, if you can think of a reason to use the old Task Manager then it's still accessible.
Hold down the Windows key,
press R,
type TaskMGR and
press Enter to launch it. (Typing TM will launch the new version.)

Windows 8 Task Manager

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