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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Find Memory Size From The Command Line In All Current Versions Of Windows Since XP

In Windows, we can find the physical memory size from command line. We can do this either using systeminfo or wmic commands. Both the commands are given below.

Using systeminfo command:
systeminfo | findstr /C:"Total Physical Memory"

Meomory From CMD Prompt With System Info

Using WMIC command
wmic memorychip get capacity
This command gives the size in bytes of each chip on the system.

Memory From CMD Prompt With Wmic CMDS

The example commands are run on the same computer. As you might have noticed, the value showed by systeminfo command is less than what wmic command shows. This discrepancy can be understood as follows. Wmic command shows the total installed memory on the system where as systeminfo command shows usable memory (which is total mermory hardware reserved memory). For more information, check this out

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