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Easy Way To Extend Laptops To External Monitor Or Projector

If youíre a businessperson who gives picture or video presentations from your laptop, this tip is for you.

We bet that you have probably encountered more than your fair share of problems with configuring external displays or projectors to work with your laptop in unfamiliar environments. Between negotiating HDMI, DVI, and VGA outputs (each with its own quirks), and figuring out a resolution presentable to both pieces of hardware, you likely wish there was an easier way.

Hereís a bit of help. If youíre running Windows 7 or 8 on a laptop, memorize this shortcut:

Windows key + P.

Windows 7 and 8 Windows Key + P Option

Tap it with a monitor or projector attached to the laptopís video output, and youíll get a new selector box that helps you configure the external display device.

Youíll see four options, from left to right. Computer only lets you revert your video settings to using just the laptopís LCD. Duplicate, predictably, lets you display the same image on your laptopís screen and the external display. (Thatís the one youíll most likely use for presentations.) Extend lets you stretch your Windows Desktop across the laptop display and the external display (much like in a multiple-monitor desktop-PC arrangement). And Projector only shifts the video output strictly to the external display device, blanking the laptop screen. You can still make these adjustments the old-fashioned way, through the Control Panel (check out the Display subcategory there), but this method makes at least the initial setup snap-simple.

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