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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Disable The Sidebar Desktop Gadgets In Windows Vista And 7

If you deside that the desktop Gadgets in Windows 7 or even the Sidebar Gadgets in Windows Vista are cluttering up your desktop, there is an easy fix to disable them. If you are extra really new to Windows 7 or even Vista, the gadgets are accessible via the desktop context menu, and can be dropped anywhere on the desktop you’d like in 7.

Gadgets On Desktop Context Menu

To disable them, simply open Control Panel and select 'Programs' Under Programs and Features click 'Turn Windows features on or off' to open it.

Control Panel Turn Windows Features On Or Off

Remove the checkbox from Windows Gadget Platform, click the OK button to Save your change and restart your computer for the change to take effect.

Control Panel Disable Windows Gadget Platform

When your computer restarts the Gadgets item will be gone from your context menu and the Gadgets will also be gone from your desktop.

Gadgets Gone From Desktop And Context Menu

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