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Disable The Caps Lock Key In Windows

Most people seldom or never use the Caps Lock key for anything, ever. If you are like me, you probably donít either, and itís a lot easier to get rid of it. You can use a registry hack to get rid of it, or you can map any key to any key using an easy freeware utility.

The caps lock key is one of those remnants of another age of computers, even back to the day of the type writer keyboard. Unless youíre in the advertising department of some firm, itís probably not very useful, so lets learn how to disable it.
Heres How Windows Key Re-Mapping Works:
Windows doesnít have a default setting to allow for disabling the key or any key for that matter, so what we have to do is re-map the key to something non-existent so the key will be completely disabled.
To do this manually, open up regedit.exe and browse down to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

Manual Disable Cap Lock In Windows 1

Next create a new binary value called 'Scancode Map' in the right pane.
Hereís the format of the binary data to be entered in the Scancode Map key, with the important parts highlighted in various colors:

00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000

Once you have entered the data, close regedit and either log off or reboot for the changes to take effect

Hereís how it works:
ē The first 16 zeros are just there as white space to waste space.
ē The '02' in bold blue represents how many keys you are going to re-map plus 1. (It really represents the length of the data)
ē The orange bolded '0000' is the key we actually want Windows to map To, which in this case is nothing, or 0.
ē The green bolded '3A00' is the key we are mapping from, in this case its the caps lock key.
ē The next 8 zeros are there to for white space or to waste space as the null terminator.
You can map between multiple keys by incrementing the '02' and then adding another of the colorful bold blocks in the middle. The 3A00 in the mix is the scan code. For example, if you wanted to disable the caps lock key and then change the scroll lock into a caps lock key use the following:

00000000 00000000 03000000 00003A00 3A004600 00000000

It might seem complicated at first, but itís really simple once you start working with it.

Now if you don't feel teck savvy enough, you can try the Software Utility method using SharpKeys.
Itís a small utility that will let you easily map one key to another key easily, or even turn the key off, without having use the registry at all.
First you can download the Utility here.
As in the above example you can use the key mapping utility to turn off the Caps Lock key, since its seldom used.

SharpKeys Disable Caps Lock 1

Unzip and launch the app (No installation is required).
Then click the add button.
When the Add New Key Mapping dialog opens, you can either select the keys to map from the lists, or just click the Type Key button and press the key manually (which I find much more intuitive).

SharpKeys Disable Cps Lock 2

Once you are done, click the Write to Registry button and youíll be informed to log off or reboot for the changes to take effect.

Sharpkeys Disable Caps Lock 3

Sharpkeys Disable Caps Lock 4

You are now finished.

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