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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Create Shortcut Icons To Start The Screensaver In Windows

There may not be any special need or advantage to having shortcuts to the windows ScreenSaver files, but it has been requested and a interesting article. First the shortcuts won't change the default screen saver that hss been set, but you can pick anyone to run using the shortcuts.

To begin right-click on the desktop and choose New > Shortcut.

Windows Screen Saver Shortcut 1

In order to launch your screensaver, youíll need to enter the full path to the screensaver file, followed by the '/s' switch.
"%systemroot%\system32\SysInternals Bluescreen.scr" /s
As above if your screensaver name has spaces in it inclose the command in quotes. Its a good idea to always do so.

Windows Screen Saver Shortcut 2

You will want to substitute the name of the screensaver where you see 'SysInternals Bluescreen.scr' above with yours. Also note that we used %systemroot% instead of C:\windows because not every install uses the C: drive. %systemroot% is the variable for the folder path of the windows install. If you donít know the filename, you can browse down to your windows\system32 folder and then search for '*.scr' using the search box:

Windows Screen Saver Shortcut 3

You should see all of the names of all the screensavers installed on your system, which you can use in the location field of each shortcut you make.
We desided to put ours in a folder on the desktop called 'Screensavers', you can put them anywhere you want, enjoy.

Windows Screen Saver Shortcut 4

This should work for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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