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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Create Or delete a windows service

This Article explains creating and deleting a windows service in its simplest form

Services are added from the Command Prompt. You need to know the actual service name as opposed to what Microsoft calls the Display Name. For example, if you wanted to create or delete the "Help and Support" service, the name used at the Command Prompt would be "helpsvc" rather than the Display Name of "Help and Support". The actual service name can be obtained by typing services.msc in Run/or Search box on the Start Menu and then double clicking the Display Name of the service to get its properties. Once you know the name, you can proceed.

To Create A Service:
Start | Run and type cmd in the Open: line. Click OK.
at the command prompt type: sc create <service name>
Reboot the system

To Delete A Service:
Start | Run and type cmd in the Open: line. Click OK.
At the command prompt type: sc delete <service name>
Reboot the system

If you prefer to work in the registry rather than through the command prompt to delete services; Click Start | Run and type regedit in the Open: line. Click OK. Navigate to:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services] Scroll down the left pane, locate the service name, right click it and select Delete.
Reboot the system

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