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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Create A Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) In Windows 8

Windows 7 added support for creating and attaching virtual hard drives in Microsoft's VHD format. Now Windows 8 extends this with the new VHDX format, which improves performance, extends the maximum file size from 2 to 16TB, and makes the format "more resilient to power failure events" (so they shouldn't get corrupted as easily).

Launch the Computer Management Control Panel applet,
choose Disk Management, and
click Actions > Create VHD to give the format a try.

If you want follow the below example of setting it up.

Windows 8 VHD1

Windows 8 VHD2

Windows 8 VHD3

Windows 8 VHD4

Windows 8 VHD5

Windows 8 VHD6

Windows 8 VHD7

Windows 8 VHD8

Windows 8 VHD9

Windows 8 VHD10

Windows 8 VHD11

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