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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Create A Shortcut Or Hotkey In Windows To Turn Off The Monitor

Have you ever wanted to hit a shortcut key or click a icon to turn off the monitor? Sure, you can use the Win+L combination to lock the screen, but that will leave your monitor on, and those that have multiple monitors find it a pain to hunt down the power buttons all the time. First we well start with a shortcut to simply power off the monitor and then how to both lock the screen and power it off.

To create this shortcut you will need a small commandline utility from NirSoft, which you can get here. The downloads are currently at the bottom of this link.
In case their site is down you can pick up the nircmd zip files from us below:
Here for the 32bit version and
Here for the 64bit version.
Then Right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose New > Shortcut.

Turn Off Monitor Shortcut In Windows

Then you’ll want to browse to the location where you saved the nircmd.exe file, and add the following arguments:
"%SystemRoot%\System32\nircmd.exe" cmdwait 2000 monitor off
In our case %SystemRoot% is a variable for the windows location (C:\Windows). Make sure the path has quotes around it, and then you add the extra arguments, which will wait 2 seconds before powering off the monitor (otherwise Windows might misinterpret your last keystroke and wake back up).
Then Click next and give the shortcut a name, we choose 'Turn off Monitor'

Turn Off Monitor Shortcut In Windows 2

Next go into the shortcut properties, you can assign a shortcut key if you want, and then click Change Icon to pick a better one than the default.

Turn Off Monitor Shortcut In Windows 3

In Vista and 7, at least, there’s a good icon for turning off the monitor, pick the somewhat old ugly one from the list below:

Turn Off Monitor Shortcut In Windows 4

And when the icon shows up, you will have a nice shiny Shortcut. Of course you are free to pick your own icon instead.

Turn Off Monitor Shortcut In Windows 5

You can Lock the Workstation Too and have both in one Shortcut.
Unfortunately the Nircmd way involves more steps than necessary in Vista and 7 at least by testing them.
I have created a tiny one line batch (cmd script) that will do both called 'LockScreenAndMonitorOff.cmd' in one step.
You can download it here.
To install it, simply download and extract the cmd file, and create a shortcut to it just as you did in the steps above. To find the same icon, click on Change Icon, and then paste in '%SystemRoot%\System32\shell32.dll' into the browse box.

Lock Screen And Turn off Monitor Shortcut In Windows 6

Have fun, and thanks for flying CSN!

Lock Screen and Turn Off Monitor Shortcut In Windows 7

Thanks for visting

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