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Check Status On your Windows Servers Or Other Servers Including Local Lan quickly In Windows

There may come an time you want a easy to use method of listing all your Internet servers and local lan hosts Status quickly without having to trace or ping each one every time. This is more of an app than a windows fix but it does the job nicely. It is also very small in size and uses little resources.

Server And Net Checker for Windows

After launching the application click next and follow the simple instruction until its installed
Then click its desktop Icon

Server And Net Checker 2

When testing this program work well with XP 32bit and 64bit and newer Systems.
Once Installed just launch the app and you will be presented with this screen
Just press the number 1 to launch the file to list your servers in, one server/host per line.
You can enter 1 or as many as needed. When done save the file and any time you want to check their status Launch the app and press number 2 to list the status of each server or host. you can also delete and start over if you wish. Since in our case pressing 1 brings up our already populated list.

Server And Net Check 3

As you can see below pressing selection 2 lists the status of the servers or houts you added to Your list.

Server and net checker 4

You can download your own copy of of this app here.

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