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Microsoft Windows Tips And Tricks!


Bring Back Misplaced Off-Screen Windows Back To The Desktop In Any Version Of Windows

If youíve ever hooked up your laptop or PC to a secondary monitor and then disconnected without remembering to move the windows back to the primary desktop, youíve probably encounted this problem with a app window. The application is still running. You can see it in the taskbar, but you canít see it on the screen, because it still thinks its extended to running on the secondary monitor. You try and use right-click, Move, but that doesnít do anything, and the window doesnít move anywhere. Some users end up rebooting and finding fault with Microsoft. This can also happen if an application is pushed to far off the viewing area of the monitor and or another application is overlapping it.

Thereís is a simple way to get around this.
First make sure youíve alt-tabbed to the window, or clicked on it once to bring it into focus.
Then right-click on the taskbar and choose Move.

Recover Lost Window 1

At this point, you should notice that your cursor changes to the normal 'Move' cursor, but you still canít move anything.

Recover Lost Window 2

Now just tap any one of the arrow keys (Left, Right, Down, Up), move your mouse, and the window should 'pop' back onto the desktop screen.

Recover Lost Window 3

Note: For keyboard techie people, you can just alt-tab to the window, use Alt+Space, then M, then Arrow key, and then move your mouse to do the same.
This article information should work with any version of Windows.

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