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Add Or Remove Users From A Group At The Command Prompt In Windows Xp, 2003, Vista, 7 And 8

After you have added Users to your system it is likely that you will want to add them to Groups such as the Administrators group or other groups. To do so do the following:

Open from an Administrator Account/Elevated command prompt.
At the command prompt type:
net localgroup Group_Name Username /add
To remove a user from a group type:
net localgroup Group_Name Username /delete
To see a list of all the current groups on the system type:
net localgroup and press enter
Below is an example of listing the groups on the system. Then we add the user Fred to the Administrators group and then delete him from the Administrators group.

List of Available Groups on the System:

Win XP 7-8 cmd prompt localgroup list

Adding user Fred to the Administrators Group:

Add user to Group Cmd prompt

Removing user Fred from the Administrators Group:

Delete User From Group Cmd Prompt

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